Evolution of a Staple: Meat Sauce & Pasta

Everyone has their comfort food, and for years mine has been penne pasta with sauce. For years I tried finding the perfect bottled sauce but nothing ever was quite right.

Somewhere along the way the Hubs and I decided to make our own tomato sauce. We don’t always make it exactly the same way, and never really measure the ingredients, but it always tastes a million times better than jarred. Always.

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Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Spicy Mayo

Finally. I may have let these brussels sprouts sit longer than I intended but I finally attempted to roast them after having a similar dish at a few restaurants nearby the past couple of years (Bluegrass Tavern was the best, btw).

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Our honeymoon!

I guess there is no better place to start a newlywed’s blog than with some honeymoon pictures! My goal in blogging is just to have a (digital) place to look back and have a collection of memories documented – and I am a LONG time lurker/follower of many different types of blogs – so it’s about time that I have my own. Or at least try.

We traveled to Petit St. Vincent – an island within the country of St. Vincent and the Grenandines. I’m still not really clear if it’s categorized as the West Indies or the Caribbean – regardless, it was perfect and beautiful and I can’t wait to one day return. Most of these pictures were taken from my Iphone, and the last few from our GoPro camera.

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