May: Highlights

It’s hard to believe that we’re already hitting almost 90 degrees in Baltimore. This month has flown by with lots of beautiful weekends filled with date nights in Federal Hill both with the hubs and girlfriends. Here are the picture highlights !

Image1. Sidewalk lined with flower petals down the block from us captured on the walk either to or from the Circulator. 

2. My first attempt at cooking with eggplant – was delicious! I adapted it from the recipe here: from Simply Delicious’ blog. 

3. Sunday night volleyball: gorgeous sunset in the Baltimore skyline

4. Family get together for Mother’s Day, wearing my favorite new maxi.Image1. Girls night out AND paint night! Seriously delicious mussels from The Point in Fells Point. 

2. My first paint night creation!

3. Lovely Saturday afternoon on the deck…resulting in some serious sunburn. 

4. Memorial Day BBQ in Federal Hill – not a cloud in the sky! 


Favorite Instagram of the month: Fireworks at Camden Yards after an Orioles win!

Some new recipes that I’ve tried recently: 

  • Vegan Brownies – made with avocado and black beans. Incredibly fudgy and healthy if you can get past what you are making them with: 
  • Tex Mex Quinoa Casserole – didn’t use nearly the amount of cheese but was delicious and made a HUGE batch. I would cut the recipe in half if making for 2 or less people./
  • Spinach Pesto Pasta Salad from the June 2014 Food Network magazine




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