August update: CSA, etc.

It’s been a busy month! This is why I didn’t want to start blogging again (which I use the term loosely, since I never really picked up much traction to begin with) – I feel so guilty when I don’t post anything! Not a big deal of course – hopefully I can find the time to post more than once monthly – but here are the CSA and non-cooking relating highlights of the month!

Week 5 haul:
  • 2 bunches of garlic

    CSA Week 5

    Week 5 – CSA Haul

  • 1 purple cabbage
  • cucumbers
  • 6 ears of corn
  • small bunch of carrots
  • yellow squash
  • spring onion (did not take)
  • bag of jalapeño peppers

The rest of the month was not photographed (I blame our beach volleyball schedule for that!) but I featured some of the recipes I liked the most below, as well as some of the activities that kept us so busy this month and away from the kitchen!

food stuff

I’ve still been making the daily salads as much as possible, but our schedule with work and after work activities made us a little less diligent in getting our act together for work lunches! One adventurous dinner that I made was the Creamy Cauliflower Garlic Rice from Pinch of Yum although instead of rice, I used orzo to be a little more filling, and also chopped up a grilled portobello mushroom! It was a little bland for my taste, but was a nice way to use up our cauliflower.

cauliflower orzo with grilled portobello mushrooms

cauliflower orzo with grilled portobello mushrooms

This next dish is an absolute keeper — FINALLY I’ve found an easy recipe for all that zucchini that we get! And of course, in finding that, we haven’t had zucchini since but at least I’m prepared for next year. 🙂 This super easy Zucchini “Meatballs” from skinnytaste were so so so easy to make and deliciously filling. The only modification to the recipe I made was to shred the zucchini and let sit in the fridge in a plastic bag for a day or two (this was inadvertent, but resulted in the zucchini drying out a bit and being less watery!). I also thought it was pretty filling – just tomato sauce and meatballs!

Zucchini "Meatballs"

zucchini “meatballs”

Last week, I made this easy Eggplant Pizza inspired by EatGood4Life but as you can see, very much modified by what we had. I’m really not an eggplant fan but we seem to get a lot of it with One Straw Farm, so I’ve been bookmarking as much as possible to find something I like – and we found an easy one here! This also used up some of the cherry tomatoes that we had from the farm share and basil from my exploding plant.

eggplant pizza with mozzarella, basil and cherry tomatoes

eggplant pizza with mozzarella, basil and cherry tomatoes

The last entree that I documented is from last night’s meal! Andrew marinaded some chicken and I made mashed potatoes (from the CSA) and also a cabbage slaw. Nothing fancy with the mashed potatoes – just cut into quarters, boiled, and added sour cream, vegan butter, and cheese! Andrew marinaded the chicken using a simple recipe of vegetable oil, brown sugar, soy sauce and vinegar.

I’m also not a fan of cabbage (it’s really starting to seem like I don’t like veggies…) but I bookmarked this recipe for Apple Cabbage Slaw at Budget Bytes since the reviews seemed promising. I also thought I had an apple. I didn’t. I ended up using the cabbage from the CSA, pictured below, 1 carrot (Harris Teeter), and a green bell pepper (CSA). I also modified the recipe by adding a squeeze or two of dijon mustard per a user comment below the recipe at Budget Bytes, and also used sour cream instead of greek yogurt. It actually turned out really good – we were both a fan and would eat it again. It did turn out to be a little much for one dinner’s side dish so we do have leftovers. I would just use half a cabbage next time (and it was a small head of cabbage, too!).

cabbage from CSA

cabbage from CSA, cored

cabbage slaw, baked marinaded chicken, and mashed potatoes

cabbage slaw, baked chicken, & mashed potatoes


So you may have noticed those drinks in the background… we used up the remaining raspberries to make a Raspberry and Basil Smash inspired by A Subtle Revelry‘s recent post. I used most of last week’s CSA raspberries to make a salad dressing to use for our work lunch salads this week. This was pretty much exactly the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, I just didn’t add any other fruit except raspberries. I may or may not have done a less than stellar job cleaning out the blender after making salsa so I think there is a hint of jalapeño in it – but still tasty! Also – recently found out that Sally is a fellow Loyola College alum!

raspberry salad dressing

raspberry salad dressing

To round out the food/CSA update – here are a few more pictures of recipes made – more as snacks! First, I used several jalapeños to make poppers for Andrew (I literally had to spit it out – too hot for me!) copied from one of mine (and everyone’s ?) fave blogger The Pioneer Woman. Second,a shot of some roasted veggies to make Andrew a spicy salsa (garlic, onion, tomatillos, tomatoes, jalapeños)! And lastly, a gorgeous shot of the heirloom tomatoes we received in the CSA – which I think I used to make salsa. Probably a food crime.

jalapeño poppers

jalapeño poppers

roasted veggies

roasted veggies

heirloom tomatoes

CSA heirloom tomatoes

fun stuff
Beyond cooking, we packed in a lot of Orioles games, a wedding of one of our college friends, a long weekend in Maine with old and new friends and a graduation to top it off! I also added my favorite work outfit of the month (at least, that I documented) 🙂 🙂
O's game selfie

O’s game selfie

pre-wedding selfie - adore this dress!

pre-wedding selfie – adore this dress!

wedding selfie!

wedding selfie!



lake views #Maine

lake views #Maine

future bro-in-law - happy graduation day!

future bro-in-law – happy graduation day!

outfit of the month !

outfit of the month ! 


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