August update: CSA, etc.

It’s been a busy month! This is why I didn’t want to start blogging again (which I use the term loosely, since I never really picked up much traction to begin with) – I feel so guilty when I don’t post anything! Not a big deal of course – hopefully I can find the time to post more than once monthly – but here are the CSA and non-cooking relating highlights of the month!

Week 5 haul:
  • 2 bunches of garlic

    CSA Week 5

    Week 5 – CSA Haul

  • 1 purple cabbage
  • cucumbers
  • 6 ears of corn
  • small bunch of carrots
  • yellow squash
  • spring onion (did not take)
  • bag of jalapeño peppers

The rest of the month was not photographed (I blame our beach volleyball schedule for that!) but I featured some of the recipes I liked the most below, as well as some of the activities that kept us so busy this month and away from the kitchen!

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Our honeymoon!

I guess there is no better place to start a newlywed’s blog than with some honeymoon pictures! My goal in blogging is just to have a (digital) place to look back and have a collection of memories documented – and I am a LONG time lurker/follower of many different types of blogs – so it’s about time that I have my own. Or at least try.

We traveled to Petit St. Vincent – an island within the country of St. Vincent and the Grenandines. I’m still not really clear if it’s categorized as the West Indies or the Caribbean – regardless, it was perfect and beautiful and I can’t wait to one day return. Most of these pictures were taken from my Iphone, and the last few from our GoPro camera.

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